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asparagusunited, April 3rd, 2013, 8:50 pm ( Reply )

- And thus ends the worst idea I've ever had
If I ever try to pull this again you are allowed to slap me. All of you.

Well will be returning to your regularly scheduled wtfery shortly, but until then, I've been told that this bit was confusing as all hell, and frankly, yeah I'm well aware of that.

"So, what just happened? And why did it take you almost 40 pages to do it?"

Right, so this was originally it's own thing and, as always happens, it got smushed into existing stories. Basically the only reason I did the whole thing was because I thought it was a good idea at the time. What even happened in it? Well, the basic things that I wanted to introduce were
A. The monsters. There shall be more later (And hopefully an explanation as to what they are)
B. The whole magical girl shindig involves 6 of the 13 characters who appear on a regular basis, so it's fairly relevant, and
C. This whole thing leads to what happens to the Doctor, which leads to Coco's existence and a fair amount of what happened to her pre-story, so this is setting up a lot of back story things.

Anyways, what I meant to say is sorry that this took so damn long, and thanks to everyone who stuck around for it! I'll be moving back to the regular comics ASAP, and don't anyone ever let me do this again.

(As for what happened, The three of them got pulled into a magical girl organization against their will, learned how to fight, broke the magical items, re-gained their powers naturally and ended up in the closet. That's it, that's what happened.)

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